Monday, September 1, 2008

Time for some updates

Have I been slacking on the updates or what? Geez. Things have been going pretty slow frankly. Between the triathlon training and the hiccups I've run into during the bike rebuild, progress has stalled a bit.

Been a couple months since I posted anything but I have been working on the bike. I believe I left off with the front forks completed and a new package had just arrived. Well, that package contained my newest tank (I've got 3 now....the old /7, the old /6 that won't fit and the new to me small /7 tank).

Pulled off the old exhaust system and put the new 2-1 on just to take a gander. Looks pretty ugly since it's white but the overall style is cool. Also got the new tank on. I prefer the old /6 tour tank I've got but it just doesn't fit unfortunately. This tank will do the trick though. Once I have some more time and possibly a garage to work in, I may attempt moving the master cylinder to bar mount. Anyhow, here's some pics of the bike w/ the latest tank and the 2-1 exhaust as well as the NEW rear shocks...installed.

Getting closer.................

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