Monday, September 1, 2008


I'm to a point now that I'm about ready to start riding this old girl. So I thought......

Finally received the new EBC brake pads and got them installed. All of the safety issues I set out to fix when I bought the bike have now been addressed with the brakes. Cosmetics be damned, the bike should be ridable. Get set for my 1st ride. Fire her up, drop her into gear and away I go.......I should have gone. Nothing. The wheel spins when it's on the center stand but as soon as I drop it off the center stand, it's like the clutch isn't engaging. Frustration sets in. It's at this point I make the decision that something is mechanically not right. I'm thinking something in the transmission. What's the only logical thing to do at this point? Tear it down to the frame I say! And away I go..... As I start tearing it down, it's clear that this bike hasn't been maintained so well. Lot's of oxidation and in general, very dirty.

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