Monday, September 1, 2008

All that for nothing???

I post my latest tribulation on the ADVrider forum and Blake (my neighbor and bmw confidant) asks me why I didn't call him before tearing the bike down? I think to myself....."yeah, why didn't you call him????" He says it's most likely something very simple since the bike had been running before. Blake went with me when I first went to check it out and took it on a test ride. Everything worked fine aside from the parts needing replacement. He comes over 1 night to look at everything and determines the cables appear to be binding. Oh, wow, ugh......I'm an idiot. 8hrs in the hot sun could have been avoided. No biggie. This is all a learning experience for me so it was still a good exercise BUT, it would have been much easier to just replace the cables.

Call up Han's @ Hucky's and order up 2 throttle cables and a new clutch cable. Tick, tock, tick, I wait.

**Update - Got the cables.

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