Monday, October 6, 2008

Still pluggin' along

Much has happened, unfortunately few pictures to show. My camera has taken a dump. I'm hoping it's just a bad battery. I have been working on the bike and things are finally starting to come together. I found a custom cafe seat/subframe through the ADVrider forum. Will save me much time and effort so I can start riding. At some point I'd still like to fabricate my own seat cowl but at least now I have something to go with.
Got everything put back together after having it torn apart. Went to fire it up and nothing. I was hearing a clicking noise and tracked it down to the starter relay. Great. Now what. Blake again came over and helped me do some electric work. I'm starting to get a better feel for it. I'd never attempted to do electrical system diagnostics/repair so this has been very helpful. Frighteningly, it's starting to make more sense. Doesn't seem to be as terrifying as it was only a couple weeks ago. After some digging on the ADVrider forum, found a picture that lead to the answer I needed. I had mistakenly connected a wired to the diode board that needed to be on the starter solenoid. Bingo. Hooked the jumpers up to the battery leads and got the engine to turn over. I still need to get it going now that I've got the air filter back on. I noticed when I had it on, the right side (if you're sitting on the bike) header was getting hot. Literally. I didn't want to run it too long because of that. I still need to cure the heat paint before I can encase the headers in the exhaust wrap.
The subframe I got with the seat didn't fit the shocks well. I'm assuming previous owner had shocks that were a bit thinner. Sucked the brackets in. Hammertime! It's amazing the tools you could use and what you actually manage with when you've not got a garage or a big tool chest. Gotta be resourceful..... Found out a 9/16" wrench was about the right size to bend the mounting bracket when being pounded with the hammer. Fun times. Shocks fell into place. Blake brought over his welder one night and filled in some cuts that had been made for more stablilty. Grinding the welds down and hit the subframe with a coat of paint to 1) keep it from oxidizing and 2) freshen it up. I do have some pics of this only b/c Blake brought over his camera. (Kids - Do not try this at home. Safetly was clearly not on our mind. I.e. Shorts, gas cans near welding flame, etc....)

Been working to determine why the headlight won't turn it (it used to??). Again, with Blakes help, did some diagnostics and found out the handlebar switch is bad. With any luck, that will get the headlight back on. In the process of shopping for the appropriate tail/brake light and turn signals. I need to fabricate a bracket for the rear lights and that should just about do it.
Actually, I still need to bleed the front brake but that's quick and easy.
Last but not least - Going to get the bike registered this week. Call up Progressive and get my insurance quote.
Vroom, vroom....