Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Felt like Christmas day...

Got home from work and what do I find but 2 big packages on my front porch. Woohoo!!! My tank and my exhaust had arrived. Can't tell you the last ime I was that excited over a couple parcels. Both came in the shape they were described so I was pleased. Nothing to do but dive right in.

I still had the chore of the front forks. Got them off....what a pain in the ass! I had to take apart the entire steering/headlight housing. Ended up the damn turn signal supports were holding the fork braces together even with the allen bolts out. Problem solved. Forks removed.

Stuck again though. I can't get the part whose name I don't even know removed. The final thing I need to take apart I don't even have a name for. I'm pretty discourarged at this point. I think my next step will be to by a butane torch and I'm going to try to heat it all up. I'll I can hope is it helps break it away. I don't believe the front forks have ever been taken apart.

On a brighter side, I removed the original exhaust and replaced with my new 2-1 setup. It's gonna look pretty slick when all done.

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