Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Back in Business...

1976 BMW R75/6 - Cafe Racer Project

My last bike, a burly Honda xr650l, was stolen from my backyard. Disheartening. Made it all through Central America and back with zero issues. Within 3 months back, gone.

That was then. This is now. I'm nearly back on two (motorized...) wheels again! Picked up a BMW 75/6. This blog is aimed, for now at least, to show the progess in the rebuild. Overall, she's in good shape. From initial inspection, I know I'll need the following:

1) New tires
2) New gas tank
3) Front fork rebuild
4) Rear shock rebuild
5) Carb Rebuild
6) Valve adjustments
7) All oils/lubricants drained & replaced

After I've crossed those off the list, I'll have her road worthy. Most likely won't look very pretty but she'll run strong.

Once I've gotten these mechanical defficiencies remedied, I'll begin the cosmetic stage of the rebuild process. Here are some pics of.........(name still TBD).........as I purchased her.

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Grylliade3 said...

Can't wait till it's 100% Huddiefied,...